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Bob is a Certified Public Accountant in Maine, NH and Massachusetts and also a PFS (Personal Financial Specialist).

Our clients include, among others, small business owners, professionals and retirees that require a personalized level of tax advice, preparation and personal financial planning.

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No Jargon here - Click here for the YouTube WSJ Video "Comedy of Jargon" Jared Sandberg of the WSJ asked for my take on jargon. I have poked fun at jargon-meisters over the last 35 years. To view the fun click the blue link.

Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)  

Potential Tax Savings for NH Taxpayers: Did you pay the AMT in any years?

         If you are a NH resident or nonresident with NH source          income and paid AMT please call for possible tax savings.

AMT Exemption Research Project 08 Feb 2006                     

USA Today: Take a look at Bob's Chat on 14 April 2005

Diane Johnson - Gardener and Design Consultant

LT Matt Johnson - Welcome Home from Iraq to Fort Hood Texas 3 Dec 2006

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  • CPA/PFS 1974 Bookkeeper



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